Live at your highest in Christ!


                               To connect men with the Creator to create the Kingdom of God on Earth.

                                        And remove all hindrances from any man's destiny in Christ.


                                               Kings and Priests Bible Blog is a Bible teaching, for men who desire to:

                        'Reign as kings in life through the one Man, Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anoited One).'

                                                                                        Romans 5:17 (amp.)

                               'And has made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.'

                                                                                           Revelation 5:10


                                                                                       Monthly Word of Revelation

                                                                                  6/1 - Prosper - Psalms 1:3


                                                              Inspiring Praise and Worship



                                                                                        Must Read                                   



                              "The Holy Spirit takes it for granted that you are finished with all the things of the old life,

                                          when you become a new creation in Christ."  - Smith Wigglesworth


                                         Confession:  "I confess my sins and find mercy, and prosperity  Proverbs 28:13

                                                                                * Spiritual Thoughts *

                                           When a man repents from the heart, he will never go back to that sin. 

                          But when it is only just forgiveness, there will be a spiritual relapse, to sin again and again. 

                                                                'I would rather be corrected, than praised.'


                                  To be a follower of Jesus Christ, is not about performance; but it is about obedience. 


                                                  The flesh wants to be entertained.  The heart wants relationship.